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Snappy Logistics Services has been in operation for over 30 years now.

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What We Serve

Snappy Logistics offers the following services

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Snappy Logistics offers both National and international truck transport.

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International Courier

We identify the best forwarding and logistics services to help you meet your objectives.

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Over Night Courier

We delivers anytime at the cheapest rate and manage the supply chain across borders.

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Pallet Courier

We have partnered with local, regional and international agents to reach any destination.

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Express Courier

We offers quality services, timely delivery and amazing customer service.

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Standard Courier

With combination of sea and air freight, we bring added flexibility to your supply chain.


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What we offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Snappy for all kinds of courier services

Why should a logistics company’s origins matter to me?

The roots and experience of a logistics provider will make a profound difference in the quality of its solutions and level of understanding its people demonstrate in your business. Most 3PLs come from a transactional transportation logistics background. While they can be strong in arranging air, ground, trans-oceanic or multi-modal shipments, their other logistics services may have been developed afterward, as complements to appeal to customers at either end of transportation. In contrast, Vortex is an industrial contract logistics provider. We come from industrial roots and have a perspective and understanding of exactly how logistics will improve your productivity and profitability throughout the supply chain.

How quickly can my shipments be delivered?

It depends, how quickly do you NEED it delivered? Vortex designs custom SOP’s around some of the strictest service level agreements in the industry. Whether there is a patient on a table and a medical device needs to be delivered within 90 minutes, or marketing material that needs to be delivered next day, Snappy will customize a solution around your specific needs.

What if I discovered concealed damages after delivery?

It is the consignee’s responsibility to report concealed damages to the carrier. Please contact us at and ask to speak with A Customer Service Representative. Concealed damages must be reported within 48 hours from the time of delivery.

Who can file a freight claim?

Either the shipper, consignee, billing party or a third party logistics company may file a freight claim against a shipment, however only one claim per shipment maybe honored by the carrier.

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